Return service


We try to show the items on internet with the most up to date information. Nevertheless it is possible that a part is incorrect ordered or we have send an incorrect part.


A part can always be returned. The folliwing rules are inportant

Please always contact us in advance, it can happen that the manufacturer have changed a product and the delivered part is correct.

1) The item must be returned in original packaging ;
2) Part can not be returned if:
       • They have been used;
       • They are damaged;
       • Specially made for you;
       • Specially ordered for you.


Items for return must be reported within 7 days after delivery of the order. This can be done by  e-mail:

The part must be returned and recieved within 7 days after reporting of the return.;

The return must include a returnform which must be completed

(the returnform will be provided by us).

The returns should be sent to:

Leisure Life BV
Sani Parts
Verlengde Gildenweg 20

The Netherlands

The return should be sufficient postage.

Cost of returning
The cost of returning to Leisure Life is for your own account, unless otherwise agreed. Returns should be always sufficient postage, otherwise they are not accepted. The risk of lost and damage of the return is for your own account.

Processing and repayment of the return
Once the parts are received and processed, the corresponding value will be refunded as soon as possible in your account.

The shippingcost of the original shipment are not refundable unless otherwise agreed.

Returns can be register by sending an e-mail to: